Safe Mobility

Safe Mobility

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Our Vehicle Cleaning
Extraordinary cleaning measures are implemented for all our vehicles, consisting of daily cleaning of the various elements of the vehicle considered to be critical.

The critical areas, which involve increased disinfection, are as follows:

  • Driver's seat: a thorough cleaning of the steering wheel, dashboard, controls, entry and exit handles will be carried out.
  • Inside the bus: a thorough cleaning will be carried out of all the elements in the passengers are in direct contact, and above all; handles, bars, armrests, trays, screens, buttons, glass areas near the traveler, trash cans, ... etc.
  • Bus exterior: door and boot push buttons.

We thank you for continuing to trust us. Sanitary and hygiene measures are to protect us, and to protect you.

We appreciate you following the indicated directions.

Alpybus Transfers Team.